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2 Dec 2022

Erasmus Traineeship Mobility Program

Under this program, BSc, MSc and doctoral students can go abroad to work as an internee and gain ECTS credits, knowledge, skills and competences at the same time. This program is also open to new graduates including the scholarship holders and introduces the students to the expectations of the labor market in European Union and abroad.

Students have a chance to either find a place for themselves on their own in any company or organisation they prefer under self-organised mobility or work at one of our partner institutes under partner-institution mobility. It is advised to contact the Erasmus coordinator so that a better guideline regarding the places available for your discipline can be given.

You can also consult the given links to find a place for yourself:

City Internships
Erasmus Intern
Global Placement
Jobted (Germany)
Jobted (United Kingdom)
Learn International
Twin United Kingdom

Please be informed that the application for traineeship should be submitted at least one month before the start of traineeship mobility. Please submit the application with the supporting documents including the letter of acceptance at the given link.

It is often advised to start contacting the job entities at least THREE months before you submit the application because your application will be rejected if you do not provide the letter of acceptance from the host entity.

Moreover it is essential to understand that you should be actively enrolled at the time of application and signing of mobility contract.

After the Faculty decision is announced you will be informed of the status of your application and after that you can start arranging your travels. Please be informed of the visa regulations, travel and health insurance and other requirements all through the process. Moreover you are also required to submit a learning agreement for traineeship highlighting the learning objectives of your traineeship abroad. It is advised to consult the host organisation if they will offer you a certificate of ECTS equivalent to hours spent on working abroad or not.

Documents like arrival form, validation form and Erasmus+ report should be submitted on time.

For further details please email at erasmus.

INCOMING TRAINEES: Please send an email at erasmus with your letter of intent and resume mentioning your field of interest to request a place for internship at our institute.