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23 Feb 2023

Erasmus Study Exchange Program

This program helps students to go for an exchange program for studies within Erasmus+ programme countries which have an active inter-institutional agreement (IIA) with our faculty. This includes partners both in European Union and outside. The students can go abroad for a maximum of two semesters (one academic year) in one study cycle within this program.

Erasmus study exchange program offers the students an exclusive opportunity to polish their communication and inter-personal skills and even helps them achieve a set of soft and hard skills all of which positively impacts their academic profile. These study opportunities are available to the Bachelor’s (first cycle-EQF-5/6), Masters (second-cycle EQF-7) and Doctoral (third-cycle- EQF-8) candidates.

Erasmus+ study exchange reaps many benefits and opens new doors and opportunities for you.

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