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21 Feb 2024


magyar zászlóResearch groups in the Institute of Chemistry:

To learn more about the research topics, please click on the names of the research groups. You will also find there the contact details of the research team leader and members.

If you want to participate in the research at the Institute of Chemistry, you have the following options:

Student Research Organization in the Institute of Chemistry

If you want to get involved in the research at the Institute of Chemistry before preparing your diploma thesis as a graduating student, take a look at the research topics you can choose from. You can find out more about the Student Research Organization at the Institute of Chemistry by clicking on the title.

Diploma work (mandatory for BSc and MSc students!)

Graduating BSc and MSc students are expected to write a diploma thesis on a chosen research topic. Click on the title for more details.

PhD training in the Doctoral School of Chemistry

The Doctoral School of Chemistry welcomes students with a degree in chemistry or science to participate in our doctoral (PhD) training in the field of chemistry. Click on the title for more information.