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3 Feb 2022

Core members of the Doctoral School of Chemistry

magyar zászló

Name Birth Position Degree Year of degree
Dr. Felinger, Attila 1961 full professor DSc 2000
Dr. Héberger, Károly 1953 head of department DSc 2000
Dr. Horváth, Attila 1971 full professor DSc 2018
Dr. Kálai, Tamás 1968 full professor DSc 2008
Dr. Kilár, Ferenc 1953 full professor DSc 1995
Dr. Kollár, László 1955 full professor DSc 1996
Dr. Kunsági-Máté, Sándor 1963 associate professor PhD 1998
Dr. Lente, Gábor 1973 full professor DSc 2013
Dr. Nagy, Géza 1944 professor emeritus DSc 1994
Dr. Ősz, Katalin 1975 associate professor PhD 2004

The list of core members and emeritus core members together with their Personal data sheets is also available at the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council.