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3 Mar 2023

Selective Chemical Syntheses Research Group

magyar zászlóWelcome to the website of the Selective Chemical Syntheses Research Group!

Head of the research group:

Dr. László Kollár

Research group members: Dr. Zsolt Csók
Dr. Tamás Kégl
Dr. Tímea Kégl
Dr. Péter Pongrácz
Dr. Attila Takács
Gábor Mikle
Péter Szuroczki

Scientific results published in the research group (MTMT)

MTMT website of the research group

Major research topics of the research group:

1. Synthesis and investigation of complexes with potential catalytic activity

2. Homogeneous catalysis with model compounds, mechanistic investigations.

3. Building-up and functionalization of skeletons of practical (biological) importance

4. Synthesis of host molecules by selective homogeneous catalytic synthetic methods

5. Selective syntheses under environmentally benign conditions