7 Mar 2023

Dr. Árpád Czéh

senior research fellow, head of the department

Institute of Chemistry

External Department of Applied Molecular Sciences



He gained experience in the development and application of different immunoassays, development of flow cytometric methods. He participated in the elaboration and implementation of several R&D tenders in the field of biotechnology.

His research interests focus on the analysis and study of the mechanism of fungal by-products (mycotoxins) and other small molecules; and the study of the kinetics of microbead-based immunoassays.

In several scientific publications, he presented the parameters and applicability of the flow cytometric multiplex microbead method developed for the quantitative analysis of mycotoxins in various plant and animal samples. He performed kinetic-based comparisons of different immunoassays.

He developed an instrument-independent calibration method to support the study of microbead-based methods on a different flow cytometers.

He has been involved in the product development and validation of several immunoassay-based reagents (ELISA, Bead-based reagent).